Goose Creek: Barber Shop

img_20161028_194156575I bought this jar of Barber Shop during my Goose Creek binge for ~$9. It looked intriguing and like a scent my husband would enjoy.

It is a great scent but just an okay throw.

The Scent: Masculine and clean. It smells like a gentle mix of citrus, aftershave, and mystery. It is a hard scent to describe, but it is what I image a men’s barber shop to smell like. Overall, it’s a clean and fresh scent that is not too over-powering. B

The Throw: It is average to almost sub-par. It is barely detectable, and then you get used to the throw instantaneously, so this one falls short to me. D+

Overall, Barber Shop is an interesting scent, but the throw leaves me wanting more. Also, the wicks are drowning, so the pool never gets too large.

-Kari Ann


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