Yankee Candle: Alpine Martini

IMG_20161111_070139546.jpgOne of Yankee Candle’s new holiday scents is Alpine Martini, part of a holiday drink-theme. This one has the essence of Red Berry & Cedar, but a better execution.

The Scent: Sharp and fresh pine balanced with a sweet berry. It is the reverse of Red Berry & Cedar: more pine than berry, which cuts through the sweetness but still makes it not a generic pine scent. It is wonderful and reminds me if the holidays! A

The Throw: Wonderful! I’d say a medium to perhaps a medium-strong throw. It filled up my living room for hours upon hours! A-

Overall, I loved Alpine Martini! It is a better balance of pine and berry…making it a new twist on pine scents (a hard thing to achieve!) I hope this one stays around!

-Kari Ann



  1. This and All Is Bright are my faves of the new Christmas scents. This one reminds me of a classic “holiday punch”, that you’d have at parties in a big punch bowl. They really nailed it, IMO 🙂

  2. Interesting, I didn’t get any pine at all. I only melted by itself once bc I disliked it so much. Normally I melt 2xs before reviewing but couldn’t get past the Kool-aid scent. Glad you like though. The only saving this for me was adding magical frosted forest. I preferred Bubbly Pom to this, but Christmas Thyme is my fave of new.
    Jaybird-The Candle Enthusiast

    • Oh interesting! Bubbly Pom intrigued me, so I’ll have to move it up! Also, as a scientists, I love that you sampling size is larger than mine (just 1)! Christmas Thyme was a bit light for cold sniff, so my expectations are low…but maybe that’s not the case? 🙂

      • Haha! I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I guess I am collecting data. Christmas Thyme was a little one note, but it was lovely lemonbalm. Too much for my husband to handle, so I’d rate it fairly strong:)

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