Yankee Candle: Cranberry Twist

img_20161118_163747187Cranberry Twist is an online exclusive at Yankee Candle, however I bought this tart at the Williamsburg Flagship store last month.

Eh, it’s just okay.

The Scent: Sweet. This one is a sweet berry scent and pretty one note. When I hear cranberry, I expect tartness and citrus from the lime…but its just a layer of sweet red berries. C-

The Throw: A light-medium. It could be stronger. Nothing special, but not scentless. C-

Overall, this was not at all what I was expecting. In my head, Cranberry Twist would be a tart-sweet-citrus blend, like a cranberry lime martini. Instead, it is a red raspberry one note scent.

-Kari Ann


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