Yankee Candle: Sparkling Snow

img_20161124_085214456For Thanksgiving, I decided to melt Yankee Candle’s winter scent Sparkling Snow. It’s been a while since I melted this one, and I know my husband enjoys it.

The Scent: Fresh. This one reminds me of pine, soap, and a hint of citrus. And I mean soap in a clean and fresh way. It’s actually very nice and unique! B+

The Throw: I’d say a medium to light-medium. It did fill up my living room, and competed well against the wonderful foods I had cooking in the kitchen…but I do wish it was a touch stronger. B-

Overall, I really enjoy Sparkling Snow. It is a clean scent that just creates a nice “refreshing” environment. It doesn’t really remind me of snow, but is still great! Happy Thanksgiving!

-Kari Ann


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