Yankee Candle: Winter Garden

img_20161209_181735602I usually avoid any candle scent with the word “garden” in it. But I always feel impelled to try all the new scents from Yankee Candle. So I picked up Winter Garden…and instantly fell in love.

This is definitely a winter garden scent, devoid of the floral notes I hate so much!

The Scent: This is a wonderful pine and ice scent! It smells like fresh evergreen with a hint of a sparkling ice scent and just a touch of sweetness. It somehow stands out against the sea of pine scents this time of year. I really enjoyed it! A

The Throw: The throw was nice at first, but did fade into the background quicker than I would have liked, making the “scent radius” seem to get shorter after just an hour or two. So I’d say this one was a light-medium throw that created a great environemnt, but I do wish it were a bit stronger (or had a longer lasting power). C+

Overall, I loved Winter Garden, I just wish the throw was stronger.

-Kari Ann


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