Yankee Candle: Bundle Up

img_20161215_182050824Bundle Up is one of Yankee Candle’s “online only” scents (although I bought this in the Williamsburg Flagship Store). I actually hated it!

The Scent: It was a blast of a powdery fragrance with hints of snow and a perfumey/incensey note. It was just too much, all the while not even hinting towards my childhood memories of playing in the snow. D+

The Throw: Bundle Up has a strong throw (almost too strong!). It filled up my living room and was always present and strong for many hours. If you want a strong throw, this one will deliver! A

Overall, Bundle Up was just not my scent. It was too powdery and not enough linen and frost. It’s a pass for me.

-Kari Ann



  1. Thanks for the review. Usually if you hate it I’ll love it. I love floral and perfumy scents. Dislike bakery scents. I look forward to your bad reviews, in a good way. Thanks again. 😊

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