Yankee Candle: Margarita Party

img_20161231_190823473I was (and still am) a HUGE fan of Yankee Candle’s now retired Margarita Time. This was a fun and fruity scent for summer that will be sorely missed.

So, when I saw this Simpy Home version called Margarita Party, I had to grab it. Simply Home is Yankee Candle’s offshoot brand that sells in Kohl’s, which often has the same scents as Yankee Candle, just named and packaged slightly in a different way. And yes, Margarita Party is also in the ether of nevermore.

Anyway, Margarita Party seemed perfect for the scent of New Years Eve.

The Scent: Just like Margarita Time…a fruity blast with hints of lime, sugar, and salt. It is summery and just fun. A

The Throw: Unfortunately, this was was below par for me. It was a light throw that took forever to get started, and even then was barely smellable and instantly faded into the background when my nose got used to it. D+

Eh….one of the reasons Margarita Time is so great is that the wonderful scent is accompanied by a great throw. This one was a disappointment to me….and just in case you are wondering, it had the new packaging (with easy to peel wrapper), so this was a newly made tart and not something sitting in a warehouse for years.

-Kari Ann


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