New World Journey: Greek Pomegranate

img_3387Greek Pomegranate, she saw while shopping.

Back in September, I noticed that a ton of World Journey scents were repackaged as a Postcards Collection at my nearby Yankee Candle Outlet.

The Postcards, with the exception of Madagascar Spice, were all made up of the newer World Journey scents from the last 2-3 years…and it left us pondering:  1) will World Journey classics like Egyptian Cotton be repackaged? and 2) does this mean that World Journeys are a thing of the past?

Also…we both agreed that we HATED the new packaging.

Anyway….Jenna sent me this picture of Greek Pomegranate.

Unless this is a old scent that we have missed…it seems like a trip to Homegoods for all the World Journey lovers out there may be on the horizon!

-Kari Ann




  1. Hi ,
    Can you help please ?
    We currently stock Yankee Candles in our shop in the UK…….. We feel that the last few years the market has been flooded with Yankee Candles almost cheapening the brand and the quality seems to have gone . We have just been hit by yet another price increase , so basically we are on there look out for another USA candle brand to Stock. Our customers are asking for Goose Creek , could you tell me honestly how they compare to Yankee and which other brands would you recommend . Many Thanks Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, personally, I have really enjoyed Goose Creek. The quality is definitely comparable, but there are of course some scents that have been lackluster and some that have been amazing. For the price and scent variety, I certainly think they are worth it and enjoyable…and comparable to Yankee Candle. I plan on ordering from them again! Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Kari Ann. I can confirm that this is indeed a NEW WJ scent. It was released Q4 to outlet and discount stores in 2016 along with one called Siberian Fir (which MIGHT be a repackage of the original Siberian Silver Fir scent from about 10 years ago). I saw them both in an “upcoming releases” in-store only catalog at an outlet store last Fall (one of the many perks of being a YC SA)… 🙂

    • Amazing! I am so grateful you help with getting the inside information. Jenna will be happy, because she loves Siberian Silver Fir! Exciting…glad these are still coming out!!! 🙂 Thanks!

      • You’re always Welcome! I’m not sure that the new WJ Siberian Fir is the same scent as the original Siberian SILVER Fir. I can ask around. I think i saw on a Facebook group some discussion on that very subject 🙂

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