Goose Creek: Florence Nightlife

img_20170101_233740484This is an example of me buying this candle for the idea and not the scent. Goose Creek has had its “World Passport” collection on clearance for the last few months, and I snagged this 19 oz jar of Florence Nightlife for $6.50.

The picture was lovely and I have a soft spot for Italian scents…and of course anything resembling World Journey candles. But, this one was just meh to me.

The Scent: Artificial grapes with a hint of amber. It just smelled so fake and had almost a cough syrup smell. I get that they were going for a ‘night out in an Italian wine garden’ scent, but comes off as just okay. C-

The Throw: Very average. It was smellable, but as a light-medium. It was pretty forgettable. C-

Overall, Florence Nightlife is a scent I will likely forget about. It’s nothing special….even for the price.

-Kari Ann


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