Kringle: Covered Bridge

IMG_20170103_181518483.jpgI am on the fence as to whether I’ll order again from Kringle Candle again…some scents and throws were good, some were just okay…but at least I can say Covered Bridge was a good scent to be my last impression.

Covered bridges are a nostalgic feature of New England, so I was drawn to the scent from the picture. While the scent is just above average (to me), the throw of this melt is awesome.

The Scent: A woodsy cologne scent. It smells very masculine, similar to Midsummer’s Night by Yankee Candle but with more of an oak base and notes of fallen leaves and fall mums. It is a bit strong on the cologne for me. B-

The Throw: I’d say strong. It filled up my living room and drifted into the hallway for multiple hours. It was almost too strong, but definitely made an impression. A+

Overall, Covered Bridge by Kringle had a great throw and a woodsy, masculine scent. It’s not for me, but I could appreciate it. Yeah…I’ll probably make another order with Kringle…

-Kari Ann


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