Charming Scents by Yankee Candle

img_20161219_063124343One of Yankee Candle’s newer products is the Charming Scents car freshener.

My mom bought me a base scent and two cars. (Thanks Mom!)

Here is how it works: You buy a base set which comes with a metal case on a ring and a scent disc/pod. (There is a set without a scented pod, but it costs the same to get one with a scent included). The scented pod fits into the metal case, and the whole thing dangles around your rear view mirror.

Then, there are charms that you can buy separately to customize your set, as well as scent refills. There is a cute diversity of charms from a paw print to a martini glass, to bats against a full moon.

img_20161219_063138072The refill scents are limited to the more popular scents such as Pink Sands, Macintosh, and Clean Cotton. (No different than their reed diffusers and potpourri.)

Cost Break-down

Base set: $12.99

Charms: $5.99 each

Refills: $5.99

Note that some holiday scents are on clearance right now at 50% off.

Kari’s Thoughts

Okay….it is cute, but I have some critiques.

img_20161219_063204912For starts, the Christmas Cookie scent is virtually unscented. It had a light throw the first day I tried it, and has been scentless since. I have read that Christmas Cookie is a dud, so I will certainly review my Apple Pumpkin refill next month.

Secondly, the two charms I have, an anchor and cupcake, are adorable, but bunch together and really cannot be seen well. It is almost like the charms should have spacers or be facing a different direction.

Thirdly, they are expensive. The refills cost the same amount as a car jar, but require the (one-time purchase of the base set). The scents are also limited.

But, it is cute and actually does not obstruct my view at all. In other words, it takes up less space than the traditional car jars.

Overall, I really like mine and will try other scents….but I worry that the lower quality may end up retiring this product in a year or two.

Thoughts…any one else try these?

-Kari Ann



  1. I agree that the charms need to be somehow spaced. I have all of them except “mom” and the discontinued “bats”. The scent I got for the base was pink sands. It was so strong that it irritated my eyes. I swapped with a friend who has to park in the sun and the scent was not as strong. While he is on his 2nd or 3rd replacement, I still have my original swapped pink sands that is still plenty strong. I actually came in this site to look to see if anyone has the “bats” Halloween charm and wants to sell it. There was one on eBay but it has been snatched up.

    • Hi Lisa, I had no idea charms were retiring and I hope your can find the bats charm. (That one had color in it if I remember..maybe a green moon?). I am starting to think that each scent in these refills will have its own quirks…some strong, some too weak, and some just right. I just wish there was consistency! I’m interested to see what else they do (other scents and charms I hope – the fish are cute!) 🙂

  2. I bought the starter kit, no scent after a couple weeks, finally bought a pink sands refill, will see how long this lasts.
    Wouldn’t be interested in charms, I don’t like clutter on my mirror, surprised I like th is but alone it’s fine.

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