New World Journey: Amsterdam Bloom

img_20170112_153445083Last week, I posted about the new World Journey scent Greek Pomegranate. Well, today I got the chance to pop into a Marshall’s and saw another new World Journey: Amsterdam Bloom.

I think it’s fair to say that World Journeys as a collections is still up and running. There seemed to be a little hiatus of new scents for about a year, but in the past month, we have had 2 new scents, and one reissued scent (Siberian Fir).

Amsterdam Bloom was not my cup of tea. It was a tulip scent aka floral-based. I didn’t mind it, it’s just not my type of scent.

Other notable mentions is this funny Keep Calm and Call Mom candle in a pleasant tea scent that reminded me of Yankee Candle’s Early Morning.


img_20170112_153834076I also loved this Village Candle scent in Lemon Pistachio (it smelled so real!). Village Candles always intrigue me since their packaging is virtually the same as Yankee Candle…just slightly cheaper (very slightly). I have yet to try one!

Strangely, my hope was to get an Everyday Luxe candle, but could not find any! I hope that means they are not a thing of the past!

-Kari Ann



  1. I’m pleased to see these are still being produced. With Yankee Co. brand changing hands every other year, you never know what they’re up to. Neither new one interests me, but I’ll have to check out Siberian Fir.

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