Goose Creek: Wildest Dreams

img_20170116_190248608In terms of candles, January has been a bleak month. I was getting worried that no scent would make it to my “monthly report card” best scents list.

Luckily, an unlikely scent has caught my attention! On paper, Wildest Dreams by Goose Creek is a scent I should hate, but in real life, it is a harmonious blend of fruit, floral, and amber. Finally, an amber scent I like!

The Scent: Amber is the top note to my nose, but is wonderfully complemented by a floral musk combination of wild flowers and just a hint of fruit. It comes off as whimsical. B+

The Throw: Wonderful; this is a perfect medium that is the definition of a background scent. It filled up my living room for hours (seriously, two wedges for an entire day) and was an ambiance scent…one that is not in your face, but you keep smelling. A-

Overall, I am glad I gave Wildest Dreams a chance. It is not normally a scent I’d like, but this one gets the balance right. Still not my “A” type of scent, but pretty close!

-Kari Ann


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