Goose Creek: Caramel Butter

IMG_20170126_193600545.jpgWow, wow, wow…I am loving Caramel Butter from Goose Creek! This is both an autumn delight and boardwalk treat type of scent!

The Scent: Wonderful! It smells like those soft Kraft caramels that you can melt down into a gooey caramel sauce. It is a great caramel scent with hints of vanilla sugar and cream. It somehow also smells like it has a hint of apple….overall, one of the best caramel scents I’ve come across. A

The Throw: The throw is a solid medium to maybe a medium-strong that completely fills up my living room with just one wedge for many hours. Pretty awesome! A-

Overall, Caramel Butter has been a shinning star for January and one of my favorite Goose Creek scents I’ve come across.

-Kari Ann



  1. Where did you find all of these different GC melts? Many of them i can’t find on their website and would love to try myself 😦 I did find a couple at a Tuesday Morning a couple of years back but i found the wax never hardened once cooled to the point where i could just *POP* it out of a melter dish. I literally had to SCOOP the solid wax out of the dish with a metal spoon! It was messy and i vowed no more GC melts. Plus the scents were nothing i could not get for far cheaper at my YC store… oh, well…

    • I made a order from Goose Creek a few months ago when they had their melts at 50% off. I guess scents turn over quickly!
      I also hate the wax type! The only way I can replace them is to pour out the melted wax (fine balance of not too hot or cold!) I can’t believe I haven’t spilled wax everywhere yet!
      I just wanted to try something different…so far I am liking GC, but only when it’s 50%! 🙂

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