Calling all Disney Fans!

I am probably one of the biggest Disney fans there is. I LOVE all things Disney. For Christmas, my husband got me four Disney inspired scented candles. How awesome is that!?

He got my four scents. Below is a description of them:

Churro: Disney parks are known for selling delicious churros. This candle captures the scent perfectly, it’s a lovely cinnamon scent and you can also smell hints of butter. This is the only one I’ve lit so far and it was AMAZING!

Soaring over: this one might might my favorite scent. If anyone has ever been on the ride Soarin, they pump in smells during the ride. This candle features two of the scents–fresh oranges and salty sea breeze. When smelling the candle you can literally smell both of these scents-and believe it or not they smell so good together. I made my brother smell them and he made a comment about how much he liked the smell of this one.

Pineapple Whip: this is based another classic Disney snack-Dole whip! For anyone who doesn’t know, dole whip is a pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream. You can get it alone, as a float, mixed with vanilla soft serve, etc. This candle is a strong pineapple scent that I’m excited to burn!

Animal Kingdom: don’t worry, this one doesn’t smell like animals! It’s a mix of vanilla and sandalwood. It’s a very relaxing and pleasant scent.

There are only four of the many scents they have. I cannot wait to try then all!!!

The label says Anthology Candles, but they actually just changed their name to Spireside. They have an Etsy shop that I highly recommend checking out if you looking to try a new candle brand and/or love Disney! They also have a candle inspired by Harry Potter!




  1. How great of your husband to treat you to fandom candles! I got Anthology’s “Belle’s Library” candle for my sis last year. It smells like leather-bound books and roses. She loves it.

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