Kari’s (Honest) thoughts of different wax melt brands

With the age of the internet, there is no shortage of wax melt brands. There is a ton of creativity out there!…so I encourage people to try something new in their routine!

In this post, I will give a few thoughts on wax melts I have tried from a few different candle companies. (Note that there are a ton more companies out there, so this is a tiny snapshot of your options!). Most of these brands are available via brick and mortar and are typically more well known than some of the smaller boutiques that have opened up on Etsy.

Yankee Candle

berry truffleThoughts: One of the most well known and a staple in nearly every mall. Yankee Candle is always my safe choice; I know they will have new seasonal scents and two huge sales every year. Plus, Yankee Candle has become a ‘go-to’ easy gift for holidays and birthdays.

Pros: Easy to get both in stores or online, new scents seasonally, a wide range of scents, cute accessories, outlet stores for even better finds, and simply name recognition and quality assurance (aka returns).

Cons: Fairly pricey, hit or miss quality, and the chance your favorite scent could be retired.

Goose Creek

IMG_20160403_152800109_HDRThoughts: Goose Creek scents are available in stores (although geographically limited) and online. There are a ton of fun scents and I have really been enjoying my orders.

Pros: A ton of scents, 8 wax cubes per purchase allows you to have a few tries of each scent, overall good quality in scent and throw. One of my key likes is the price; you get a bigger wax melt for $4, but can typically get them 50%.

Cons: Removing the wax is a pain, the typical ice cube or water tricks don’t work, so you have to pour or scoop the wax to remove. This is a big drawback.


IMG_20160522_082248886Thoughts: Kringle and Yankee are practically one in the same, except Kringle is less available and more expensive. Some people like that the wax is white, regardless of scents (decor neutral), but that is just eh to me. This comes off as a more expensive Yankee Candle to me.

Pros: The pictures and branding are stunning (serious, I bought scents solely for the label), many scents similar (if not identical to Yankee Candle) with a few more creative and abstract-like scents (ex Watercolors).

Cons: More expensive than Yankee at $3 a tart with no real quality increase. Some scents were great while others were a miss.

Candles From the Keeping Room

fsc1Thoughts: There was good buzz about this online only brand, so I made a small order….and it was worth it. Although I couldn’t smell any scents beforehand, each one smelled like its namesake. Pre-warning, this site is currently ‘restocking’ and in a viewing only mode.

Pros: I generally liked all the scents I got very much…in fact, there were a few home runs in both scent and throw. A wide variety of scents and fun options like “cutables” and dessert shapes.

Cons: The site is a bit disorganized and scent availability changes quickly. You have to buy without a specific scent in mind. Additionally, they are currently restocking (thus viewing only). Yes, it is a small business, but if I want to buy a scent and it’s not ‘open,’ I will generally forget and buy elsewhere. Also, online only means no sniffing before spending money.

Front Porch

Cotton Candy CookiesThoughts: Another buzz worthy online only company (they did open a store, but I am not sure if it’s still open). I ordered some grubby tarts and it was very hit and miss. I enjoyed a few scents and absolutely despised a few. For the price, I was okay having a few misses, but it seemed like half my purchase was a miss.

Pros: A huge variety of scents with some unique wax shapes. You do get a few tarts from each purchase, so the price is pretty good.

Cons: I was just not a huge fan. Some scents had this weird “oily-powdery” scent. The few scents that I really liked were offset by the few I practically gave away.

Scentsationals/Better Homes and Gardens

2012-09-14_22-33-25_16 (2)Thoughts: Scentsationals wax cubes are available online and in Walmart. There are a wide array of scents and are very reasonably priced. These are my Yankee Candle substitutes.

Pros: A ton of scents with pretty fantastic throws. They are ~$2 each with 6 wax cubes and are perfect for mixing scents. There are some scents from this brand that I have gone nuts over (Creamy Eggnog, Wildberry Cheesecake to name a few).

Cons: There are some misses, especially something I noticed more recently. A few of the fresh scents were giving me bad headaches. I have not purchased these in a while because I got a series of bad scents (when melted).

Burt’s Bees

RLThoughts: Sold in stores like Walmart and Target….I had to try Burt’s Bees simply because I am an addict to their lip balm. It is a soy-based wax and really lacks throw.

Pros: I like that they are paraffin-free, soy-based, and have natural fragrances…so hurray for helping the environment. The scents are nice and simple, mostly based on fruits. You get a few breakable wax melts, so the price point is pretty great.

Cons: Very poor throw! I have tried a few now, and the throw has consistently been weak and has that slight “soy” scent.

Kim’s Tarts

20120807-183003.jpgThoughts: I had to include Kim’s Tarts in here. This is from a 2012 post by Jenna! Kim’s Tarts were a darling wax melt on candle-based Facebook pages, so Jenna made on order, especially for the scent Fruit Loops (not currently available). This was one of the first online only wax melts that popped up on our radar. It offered an alternative to the big names like Yankee Candle. Personally, I still like buying in person, but it was a fun to try.

Pros: It was fun supporting a small business, there are a decent amount of scents, and the price point is nice. I only got to try Fruit Loops, but thought the scent was awesome. Plus, a few extra scents were mixed in as a bonus.

Cons: Obviously cannot sniff before purchase and the scents did not last that long. The throws were decent, but seemed to disappear just as quick as you turned on your warmer.

I have tried other brands, such as Swan Creek, Pier One, and Chesapeake Candle, but didn’t want this post to be too long.

Which brands did I leave out on this list? Is there a wax melt brand that you swear loyalty to? Let us know!

-Kari Ann

PS: I am not affiliated (or get paid) by any candle company. Yes, our  name is YankeeCandleSisters, but that name came as a joke since Jenna and I are just always burning/melting candles. Above are my opinions…so feel free to disagree (but tell us why!)



  1. I came across your blog while researching retired Yankees and popped in now & again. Then, I got a pt job at Yankee for a year and my addiction and subsequent collection got slightly out of control. Though I still get excited when YC brings back treasures and especially enjoy the outlet, my head has been turned by small business vendor wax and I rarely buy any Yankee’s. They do have some beautiful scents that I will likely always love, unfortunately the company was as spotty to work for as their scent throws. ( a good friend still works at one)

    From your list, I’ve tried Candles From the Keeping Room and the list of scents is overwhelming. It helps that Carol loads the website a few days before she stocks it so that you can plan ahead. I’ve only ordered one really big haul, but the amount of free samples she sent were awesome. I know that she typically restocks once a month, alternating between Fridays and Saturdays. Unless you have a friend who let’s you know when there will be a restock, you have to join the Facebook group. Oh, and she does some great Yankee dupes like Turquoise sky and Autumn in the Park. Let me know if you would like to know when the store is opening and I’ll try to give you notice.

    Thanks for the info on Goose Creek, I like the sound of their stuff, but had better be prepared to scoop out the wax😊

    • Thank you! It’s funny, Yankee Candle is how Jenna and I got into candles (so it’s like the first step into an obsession), but lately they haven’t really made anything exciting. CFTKR is a great example of a company that deserves attention…I’m glad you also had a good experience!!. I think I need to get on that facebook page! I would love to know when Carol restocks….I am ready for a wax reboot! 🙂 As always, thank you for you inputs!

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