Goose Creek: Butter Cookie

IMG_20170202_222024305.jpgI am finally nearing the end of my Goose Creek haul (only 2 wax melts left after this one)….and I have been enjoying this purchase. I grab the scents I melt at random, so they have been used in no particular order.

But I have been curious for Butter Cookie. One of my favorite holiday scents is Yankee Candle’s World Journey scent Danish Butter Cookie. It is unreal…or should I say too real! It smells like the cookies you buy in a round blue tin around Christmas…only freshly baked. Anyway….because Danish Butter Cookie set the standard so high, this one was set up for failure.

The Scent: It smells more like buttery buttercream than a cookie scent. I once tried to make homemade buttercream frosting, but the butter I used was too hard (I didn’t bring it to room temperature)…I ended up with a few chunks of butter dipped in powdered sugar…not very tasty. This reminded me of that mishap. It smells nice and the sweetened butter note is strong….but it misses that cookie note. C

The Throw: I’d say average. It was a light-medium that did fill up my living room, but faded into the background after an hour or two. Not bad, just not amazing. C+

In a way, this review is unfair. I probably would have scored it a bit higher if Danish Butter Cookie didn’t exist…but regardless, it missed the mark for me.

Kari Ann


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