Wallflower: Spiced Gingerbread

IMG_20170202_222044249.jpgI grabbed a bunch of Wallflowers during Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale….so I’ll mostly have holiday/fall scents for the next few months…and I’m okay with that! This month is Spiced Gingerbread. 

The Scent: A spicy gingerbread cookie with a sweet vanilla icing. I have always enjoyed Bath & Body Works’s version of gingerbread…it’s not quite as “spiced” as other brands, but the  hint of vanilla sugar makes it truer to my holiday baking habits. While I do wish for more of those allspice and clove scents, the cinnamon and icing is nice. B+

The (Bulb) Throw: Wonderful! This bulb fills up multiple rooms with a subtle scent. I have the bulb in my laundry room, where my cat’s litter box is kept. When I first walk into my house, I can smell the sweet gingerbread…but it settles into the background so it is not overbearing. You can smell it, it will mask “litter box-like” scents, and doesn’t give you scent overload…now that’s a winner! A

Overall, I am enjoying Spiced Gingerbread. Even my husband has commented how much he likes it!

-Kari Ann


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