Bungalow Glow: Juicy Pineapple

img_20170206_180918841Jenna got married last year and had a honeymoon in Hawaii. Lucky!

One thing I always wish I would do more is hunt for local candles brands when I travel for work. Jenna, while in Hawaii, brought me back a candle from Bungalow Glow, a Hawaiian company. This candle is petroleum-free (yay) and in a biodegradable acacia wood holder. (While I did keep a watchful eye, no, it never was a fire hazard!) Jenna got me the scent Juicy Pineapple…and I really enjoyed it!

The Scent: Pineapple! As simple as that. It smells like a freshly cut slice of pineapple, tart and sweet. Story time: it reminded me when I was in Barbados for work (I’m an oceanographer and occasionally get to work in some really awesome places.) My crewmates and I were exploring and ended up at a bar, but I didn’t feel like drinking after being in the sun all day…so I got a glass of fresh squeezed pineapple juice and it was amazing. This candle brought me back to that moment. A-

img_20170207_170721861The Throw: The throw was a touch on the light side, but was still detectable for the duration of it being lit…and even when it was cold. While I do wish it were stronger, the throw did fill part of my  living room with the tropical scent of pineapple. C

Overall, this was fun to try a Hawaiian candle that I couldn’t just buy down the street. Thank you Jenna!

-Kari Ann


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