Simply Home: Coconut Sea Breeze

img_20170210_192734628_hdrOne of the new Yankee Candle Simply Home scents for spring is Coconut Sea Breeze. I grabbed it when I was at Kohl’s the other day. This one reminded me of Yankee Candle’s now retired Coconut Bay.

The Scent: A fun beach scent….sweet coconut with a hint of vanilla and a tiny dash of sunscreen. This one will transport you to a tropical vacation filled with the scent of coconut. A-

The Throw: This one had a light throw. It was detectable, but faded away just as quick. It had a pretty small scent radius, so the closer you where to the tart warmer, the better the throw…but after maybe 10 feet, it was pretty weak. Pretty disappointing. D+

Overall, I loved the Coconut Sea Breeze scent, but the throw was pretty disappointing. It had its moments….eh.

-Kari Ann


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