Goose Creek: Rock Candy Cupcake

IMG_20170218_080854148.jpgThis is my last jar candle from my Goose Creek order a few months ago. Up this month: Rock Candy Cupcake. 

The Scent: Sugary and sweet. It actually wasn’t until I took the photo for this review that I realized it was rock candy and not cotton candy. It has a slight fruit scent, maybe strawberry or raspberry, with that spun sugar type of scent. Nice. B+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw is not that spectacular. This one is a light to light-medium at best that quick fades into the background. Pretty disappointing with slight moments of promise. D+

So, Rock Candy Cupcake is okay…the scent is unique and sweet, but the throw is just too light.

-Kari Ann


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