Wallflower: Cucumber Melon

img_20170218_080649856_hdrBath & Body Work’s Cucumber Melon was the “it” scent of my middle and high school days. Everyone had a small, mint green colored, spray bottle of that scent tucked away in their gym bags and lockers to freshen up after practice.

When I gave my husband the chance to pick the next Wallflower scent for our bedroom, he picked this one without hesitation. And after a few days, he’s remarked that he made the right choice because he loves the scent.

The Scent: A perfect balance of watery and chilled cucumber with juicy and sweet honeydew melon. This combination is fresh, fruity, and light….and is also refreshing. A

The (Bulb) Scent: Very nice….it fills up the bedroom and part of the hallway even into the bathroom without being over-bearing. It has completely refreshed my room, masking the stale closet smell. So you can smell it, but it’s not going to dominate/overwhelm your senses. It’s what a room diffuser should be. A

Overall, Cucumber Melon is a classic and winning scent in my eyes. Yes, I may be bias since it played a memorable role for me on the high school soccer field, but this scent has stood the test of time for me….making me like it even more with age!

-Kari Ann


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