Chesapeake Bay Candle: Tahitian Vanilla

IMG_20170220_184528753_HDR.jpgMy experience with Chesapeake Bay Candle has been disappointing. So the other day at Target, I decided to give them another try. I gravitated to a variety pack of scented wax melts which contained Tahitian Vanilla, Vanilla Frosting, and Oats & Honey.

Up first was Tahitian Vanilla…a mixed review for this Part 1 of 3.

The Scent: A wonderful and true vanilla. It smells like pure vanilla extract…creamy, smooth, and fresh. It reminded me of Madagascar Vanilla from the World Journey line. A-

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw was on the light side….it was very weak and only had a tiny scent radius. It was really too bad because I loved the scent. D-

So….I love the scent but the throw was terrible….this is what I was expecting 😦

-Kari Ann



  1. Oh no, a WJ’S dupe would be fabulous, too bad about the throw. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Chesapeake Bay melts, but I’ve had success with Kohl’s store brand, Sonoma scents, not a bad throw from what I’ve tried last fall.
    Maybe Oats and Honey will surprise?

    • I want to like CB melts since I live so close to Target…but (spoiler) Oats and Honey seems to be having a terrible throw. I need to start giving Kohl’s brand more of a try! 🙂

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