Yankee Candle: Bakery Air

Sorry it’s blurry!

Bakery Air is an online-only scent from Yankee Candle that came out about a year ago. I remember trying to buy it, but it was constantly sold out.Well, I took advantage of the $1 tart sale from Yankee Candle and was finally able to give this intriguing scent a try.

The Scent: The strongest scent in this blend is maple with some buttery brown sugar. There is a hint of vanilla cream and, if you concentrate hard enough, a touch of spice. It is nice, but less of bakery air scent and more of a maple butter scent. Not bad, but not entirely what I was expecting. B+

The Throw: I’d say it’s a medium. It won’t blow your socks off, but I’ve been able to catch wafts for many hours. It creates a warm environment that is detectable but not over-bearing. For the type of scent, it’s actually the perfect balance of strength. B+ 

Overall, I liked Bakery Air, even if it was more of a maple scent that I thought. The picture is cute too! I’m happy I tried it, but I won’t be rushing to get a large jar.

-Kari Ann


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