Yankee Candle: Eucalyptus

img_20170228_181312456I sometimes ask my husband “what scent do you smell?” as a funny way to see what candle scent he thinks I’m burning. He’s usually way off. The other day, I asked his that question while I was trying Yankee Candle’s Eucalyptus. His reply: “I have no idea, but it smells great!”

The Scent: Eucalyptus smells like green…the plant kind of green. It has a fresh and almost dewy verdant scent that is slightly more sweet and watery than a typical greenhouse scent. It’s a nice non-floral garden-like scent. Nothing that blew me away, but enjoyable. B

The Throw: Wonderful! A medium-strong that completely filled up my living room for multiple hours, creating a lush and green feeling. A

Overall, Eucalyptus is a unique earthy-green scent that smells like…well Eucalyptus. I guess it’s just not my favorite type of scent, but I am glad I tried it (my husband is too)!




  1. This one’s a tried and true favorite of mine, so much so that i bought a large jar of it last year. Love how you describe it as “a nice non-floral garden-like scent”. That’s a perfect description of it… 🙂

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