Yankee Candle: Cafe al Fresco

IMG_20170303_184403098.jpgYankee Candle’s new spring 2017 scent Cafe al Fresco is the type of scent I’ve been waiting for. I am a coffee addict….that person who always says on a trip “let’s get coffee first.” Coffee houses are part of my soul. In high school and college, you could find me and my friends out getting lattes at 9pm on a Friday night. I do admit, my gourmet latte taste is bland; I drink black coffee and prefer simple lattes devoid of all the drizzles, spices, and chocolate shavings. Anyway, I was very excited to try Cafe al Fresco.

The Scent: The dominant notes are fresh coffee beans, warm steamed milk, and slightly sweet and buttery caramel. The creaminess really sets this tart apart from scents like Hazelnut Coffee. It is warm and almost smoothing, and does smell like that fist moment when you walk into a gourmet coffee house. A

The Throw: I wish the throw was a touch or two stronger, I’d say a light-medium. It is the type of scent that is so gentle, my nose got used to it and ultimately I kept forgetting it was melting. It’s too bad. Not a lost cause, but would have created a coffee house feeling better if it were one or two notches higher. C-

Overall, I really enjoyed the scent of Cafe al Fresco, I just wish the throw was a bit stronger.

-Kari Ann



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