Yankee Candle: French Countryside

img_20170304_193127987It was a bit chilly this weekend in the Mid-Atlantic, but I still wanted to be in a spring mood. So why not try Yankee Candle’s new spring 2017 scent French Countryside? I usually stay far away from floral scents, but I wanted to break out of my mold and try something new.

The Scent: A spring bouquet. French Countryside is a floral-packed scent with notes of rose and tulip. It definitely makes you think of spring. B

The Throw: The throw is a medium that lasted many hours (over the course of a few days). It was not a blow your socks off throw…the kind you keep getting whiffs of every hour or so. It created an “openned window by a garden” type of feeling. Anything stronger, in my opinion, would have made the scent overbearing. B

Overall, this is a floral scent that I didn’t mind…I mean, I didn’t love it, but it gave me what I was hoping for: the scent of spring.

-Kari Ann


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