Yankee Candle: Lavender Sunset

IMG_20170312_093635696Lavender Sunset is an online only scent at Yankee Candle. During my last online tart haul, I grabbed one out of curiosity. I have been very busy lately and loved the idea of some calming aromatherapy.

The Scent: Lovely lavender. This one smells like the calming and soothing scent of dried lavender. It reminded me of Yankee Candle World Journey’s French Lavender and was exactly what I wanted. B+

The Throw: Really nice! A solid medium throw that filled up my living room for many hours and a few uses! A-

Overall, Lavender Sunset was a true lavender scent that was peaceful and lovely. Even though I hate floral scents, the slightly herbaceous lavender is just perfect, with a throw to support that wonderful scent.

-Kari Ann



  1. Love this one myself so much more than YCs standard lavender. I’ve seen WJs French Lavender and Hawaiian Lei pop up in TJ Maxx, hoping for more.

    Have you tried Honey Lavender Gelato? I gave a lukewarm review because I didn’t get any lavender, just berries/cream.

    • I haven’t…Just like your review…I’ve only heard “it’s okay” reviews. It was sold out online when I did my haul, and based on the reviews figured…oh well! I like the idea of a more berry-based scent…but I’m okay if I end up passing on this one 🙂

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