Yankee Candle: Twinkling Evergreen

IMG_20170318_100152964When I made my haul at Yankee Candle last month, this small tin of Twinkling Evergreen caught my eye. It was 75% off (aka a reasonable price) and I love pine scents. Anyway, it has been my candle-of-the-moment.

The Scent: Sweet and fresh pine. It is lovely…and nice pine scent that has that slight citrus-sweet note with a touch of snow. I like it very much, even if it is a pretty normal pine scent! A-

The Throw: It’s a medium throw. It could be stronger, but could be worst. It is one of those scents that your nose gets used to, so you end up forgetting it is lit…then get a whiff every one again. B-

Overall, I enjoyed Twinkling Evergreen…yes, it is a fairly typical pine scent, but it is a true-smelling pine scent…which is why I bought it! I just wish the throw was a notch or two  stronger!

-Kari Ann

PS: Sorry for my less frequent posts! I have been in South Carolina for work….and enjoying the lovely critters!








  1. I love this scent! I’m not a big fan of “pine” scents but THIS one reminds me of something from my childhood, something “Christmasy”. I don’t know if it’s the tree once it was placed in the living room corner or the pine and holly my Mother would put out on the fireplace mantels or how the boxes of decorations smelled when we pulled them and the lights out of the big, old cupboard in the garage… it’s wonderful! I bought 2 of the tall, white glass pillar candles of this scent and am saving one for this Christmas. They had another scent out the Christmas before that invoked a completely DIFFERENT set of Christmas memories and i’m kicking myself for not having bought it… 😦

    • Joe,
      Thank you for sharing…I get the same type of nostalgic feeling whenever I burn/melt Jack Frost. It reminds me of hanging candy canes on our tree (it was a fake, so the peppermint was the scent I always think of!). I kick myself whenever I pass up a jar at an outlet or Marshall’s. I wish these scents wouldn’t just be limited editions!

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