Yankee Candle: Sicilian Lemon

IMG_20170319_162915843_HDR.jpgSicilian Lemon is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2017 spring scents…but is it really? I feel like Italian-based lemon scents have been a trend over the last few years. I’m okay with it…because I love lemon scents, but this one was a sugar-overload.

The Scent: A sugary lemonade scent. It reminded me of Country Lemonade. The lemon is there…but definitely more of  a sugared-lemon pixie dust than a tart citrus scent. Definitely is bright and cheery, but I did wish for a touch more true lemon and a bit less sweet. B+

The Throw: This tart was strong…and had moments of being almost too strong (I got a touch of a headache for the first hour). The throw filled up my living room for many hours and definitely created a sugar-lemon scent throughout the room. A

Overall, Sicilian Lemon was more of a sweet lemonade than a clean lemon scent, which made me want a touch more tart. Also, many reviews have found the throw to be weak…but this tart was definitely strong. So if you like sweet…give this a try.

-Kari Ann






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