Outlet Trip!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I really needed a new pair of running shoes…which meant a trip to my local outlet mall was in order! So of course I popped into Yankee Candle Outlet. I didn’t find anything that blew me away, but did see some notable, picture-worthy, candles.


First up: One of the new World Journey scents is Siberian Fir! I think it is the same as the (hard to find) Siberian Silver Fir, but without them side by side, I’ll never know. It was a nice, icy pine scent. This one would be a great winter/holiday scent.


IMG_20170325_161622912 IMG_20170325_161855777

This “garden” collection caught my eye, however I hate the picture design. Japanese Water Garden smelled just like Yankee Candle’s retired Watergarden scent, that I know has a few really big fans (Jenna). Riviera Garden was a typical “fresh” scent that I knew would give me a headache. Lastly, Ginger Garden was a nice, spiced ginger scent that was pretty unique.


Finally, I grabbed the 12 for $10 tart deal that is always going on at the Yankee Candle Outlet…and I found some real gems! (from top left): Hazelnut Coffee, Soft Sage, Black Cherry, Black Coconut, Candy Corn, Frankincense, Lucky Shamrock, Pomegranate Cider, Granny Smith, Anjou Pear, Riviera Escape, Poison Apple.

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann






  1. Some awesome tarts there! My fave. is probably Frankinsence. I was so happy to have found a large jar of it at an outlet a year or so ago (can’t remember which one) as it’s a “European Exclusive” and pretty hard to come by here in the US. A spicy, peppery-orange scent. Perfect all-year round 🙂

    • ooo, European Exclusive, I had no idea! Royal Frankincense is also one of the hard to find (and first generation) World Journeys, so I just assumed it was a reincarnation of that! oops!

  2. I second the awesome Frankincense find, I have a baby jar that I love to sniff. With a 30% off outlet coupon that ends this weekend, I’m planning a trip. It would be worth it just for the Pomegranate Cider, Frankincense and Granny Smith!
    Not a fan of the overblown, blurry Garden labels, but the ginger sounds good. I just set my Water Garden out to burn for spring.

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