Yankee Candle: Pomegranate Cider

IMG_20170325_192504362I grabbed this Pomegranate Cider tart from my local Yankee Candle outlet. This now discontinued scent had a pretty big following…so why not check  it out!

The Scent: A wonderful and unique take on the typical fall-based cider scents. The cider is apparent as a sweet and spicy cinnamon scent, but is freshened by a sweet pomegranate juice note. The pomegranate adds a nice counter-balance to the cinnamon that is surprisingly wonderful and refreshingly different than apple…all the while still being autumnal. A-

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw was on the light side. It had a tiny scent radius that dissipated only a handful of feet away from the tart warmer; so unless you were right next to the tart, it was very light. Also, once lit,  the cinnamon-cider notes were more dominant than the pomegranate. Pretty disappointing. D

Overall, I really liked Pomegranate Cider as a scent, but the throw was just too weak to enjoy. I will be curious to know if the throw is always light or if my tart was just old…too bad I may never know!

-Kari Ann


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