March Report Card

Here is my March Report Card…poor throws were a common theme this month!

Best Scents

  1. Sicilian Lemon – Yankee Candle (B+/A)
  2.  Lavender Sunset – Yankee Candle (B+/A-)

Worst Scents

  1. Luscious Plum – Yankee Candle (B-/D+)
  2. Peppermint Frost – Burt’s Bees (A-/D+)


  1. I couldn’t get into Sicilian Lemon, it wasn’t lemon cleaner like, but too lemony/sugary for me. I prefer Lemon Zest to any of the rest. My tastes might be changing, the tart sugar stuff is too much for me. Glad you enjoyed and Lavender Sunset, which I love.

    • It was very sweet, but I fall for all lemony scents. It reminded me of Country Lemonade, but I do wish a good, non-sweet, lemon scent would come out!

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