Croatian Candle

IMG_20170401_180837748My husband’s boss is from Croatia and she knows I love candles. To my joy, and eternal gratitude, she brought us back a candle gift during a vacation trip to Croatia.

I have been saving this candle for a little while since it smells so good and is not exactly something I can buy down the road. But the first signs of spring urged me to finally light it.

I had to use Google translate, but I knew from the cold scent it had to be chocolate!

čokoláda: chocolate

The Scent: This scent screams chocolate. In the words of my husband “it smells like brownies are baking.” It is a warm, unmistakably chocolate scent that smells like both hot chocolate’ and warm brownies. A-

IMG_20170401_181320447_HDR Wonderful! This little candle can throw. It is a medium-strong that completely fills up my living room and ventures down the hallway. A

Overall, I am loving this Croatian candle. It is definitely a high quality candle with a wonderful chocolate scent (that is not artificial like most chocolate-based scents). I also love the black outer layer…that is wax too but acts as a candle holder!

-Kari Ann


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