Yankee Candle: Black Cherry

IMG_20170329_180203809.jpgI picked on this tart of Black Cherry during my recent visit to a Yankee candle outlet. This is a classic Yankee Candle scent that I can’t believe I’ve never tried!

The Scent: Sweet, ripe cherries. This is a wonderful fruit scent that is less sweet than Cherries on Snow and (yay) does not have any medicine notes. While it doesn’t smell completely like a true cherry, it did not smell artificial. It also has a slight pie-like note. Very nice! A-

The Throw: Really nice! It had a solid medium throw that completely filled my living room for many hours. No complaints from me…not overwhelming, but definitely created a fruit-filled ambiance. A-

Overall, I really enjoyed Black Cherry. It may seem a bit ‘vanilla’ since it is part of Yankee Candle’s normal line up, but definitely worth a melt!

-Kari Ann



  1. Black Cherry is one of the few scents that my husband doesn’t complain about! On another note, I was at Walmart last weekend and noticed that they now carry large Yankee Candles for $20! They’ve been carrying “American Home” by Yankee Candle for a while now, but I was really shocked to see regular Yankee Candles there! At first I thought that maybe they were old stock but they had the new labels. Yankee Candle might be putting their mall stores out of business! Why would anyone go to the mall and pay $28 for a candle if they can get them at Walmart for $20? They only had about 10 different scents, but Vanilla Cupcake (one of my favorites) was one of them.

    • I had no idea Walmart has been carrying Yankee Candle..let alone regular Yankee Candle scents for $20! I have been kind of sad ever since Target stopped selling Yankee candles, but they were always at the same price, so unless it was on clearance, it seemed silly to buy!
      Also, Black Cherry is one of the few scents my husband has ever asked me for (he picked it out)!

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