ScentBeads: Anjou Pear

IMG_20170408_160805039.jpgI love pears…they are one of my favorite snacks. So I thought this Scentbeads Anjou Pear scent would be right up my alley…but it was horrible!

The Scent: Unfortunately, Anjou Pear smelled like burnt crayons! I had to turn off my tart warmer before the shape of the tart even completely melted. So think of that classic Crayola box of crayons scent, now leave it in a hot car for a while, and voila…Anjou Pears. F

The Throw: Well, the throw in its short time was a medium….but the scent was just so awful! B+

Overall, I hated Anjou Pear from Scentbeads. I am hoping I got a dud…but boy will I avoid this scent!

-Kari Ann



  1. Hi Kari Ann. I’ve had this tart but ages ago and it was fine- a nice though underwhelming pear scent so yours must have been pretty old to smell like it did. I assume you got this at an Outlet store. They seem to be accepting just about anything these days as the “new” Yankee Candle clears-out any evidence of the old (the ScentBeads line was discontinued a year or 2 ago along with Mystic Harbor and a couple other discount lines from what i understand). I can’t remember the last time i was able to buy at LEAST a dozen tarts and samplers at an outlet, their selection has become so poor over the last year or so… and yet i still go to at least one a month. Go figure! 🙂

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