Yankee Candle: Granny Smith

IMG_20170407_185521130.jpgFun fact, Jenna and I both love Granny Smith. We have even gone ‘treasure-hunting’ for jars of this retired Yankee Candle. It is the perfect apple scent! So of course I grabbed a tart at my last trip to a Yankee Candle outlet.

The Scent: A tart and juicy apple! This is the green apple scent that you find under a carnival caramel apple. It is tart, slightly sweet, and just perfect. A

The Throw: The throw could be stronger; it was a light-medium with a small scent radius. While I could smell the tart apple, it was the type of throw your nose got used to very quickly. It is too good of a scent for it not to have at least a medium throw. C-

Overall, Granny Smith is an awesome scent that I just wish would have a bit of a stronger throw…or to be added back into Yankee Candle’s line-up!

Kari Ann


One comment

  1. Yes m’am, one of my top five favorites. The candle does really well in my kitchen, mouthwatering throw, a classic. Forbidden Apple was similar last Halloween.

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