Charming Scents: Apple Pumpkin

IMG_20170410_063946603_HDRBack in January, I reviewed the new(ish) Charming Scents car freshener from Yankee Candle. My first impressions: it is a cute idea with a lot of flaws, namely that the scent refill was virtually scentless. Well, I got a scent refill in Apple Pumpkin…so I am ready for my second take now that a few months have passed.

I still think it is a cute idea. My charms are adorable and I like the way they jIMG_20170410_063651851ingle when I go over a bump. But the way the charms are positioned make it so you can only see the charm on top…so having many different charms is somewhat pointless. Nonetheless, I do have my eye on a few new charms and will likely rotate them.

The Apple Pumpkin scent refill has been much better than  the Christmas Cookie scent. It is true to the candle version (and wonderful!), but after three days, I can already tell it is fading.

Overall, the Charming Scents remind me of the original Car Jars….they are almost more for decoration than for scent.

-Kari Ann


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