Yankee Candle: Lucky Shamrock

IMG_20170413_174914832Lucky Shamrock is a St. Patrick’s Day themed scent from Yankee Candle. I may be a month late for St. Patrick’s Day…but this still reminds me of a spring scent!

The Scent: Cut grass. This is a ‘green’ scent that smells like fresh vegetation, not floral, but still plant-like. It is nice, but nothing special. C

The Throw: The throw was on the light-medium side. It was detectable, but was almost like a whisper of a cut grass scent. Nothing to write home about. C-

Overall, Lucky Shamrock was a bit lack-luster to me. The scent was just okay and the throw needed to be a bit stronger for it to register as memorable. Oh well!

-Kari Ann


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