Goose Creek: Blueberry Limeade

IMG_20170420_182208400.jpgBlueberry Limeade from Goose Creek is a fruity mix that will transform your room into a summer-sugar-fruity blast

The Scent: Sweet blueberries with tart lime. The blueberries are a bit on the artificial side, but it sort of works. They have that strong “blue” candy that is blueberry flavored scent. The lime note prevents it from being too sweet and adds a citrus note that makes this a summery scent to me. A-

The Throw: This was a strange throw…it was like a burst. It would start off really strong, then quickly fade after about an hour, and not just becuase my nose got used to it. So it starts off great and then burns out. C

Overall, Blueberry Limeade is a fruit-based explosion that I loved, even if the throw was a little off.

-Kari Ann


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