Wallflowers: Eucalyptus Tea

IMG_20170426_191527662.jpgEucalyptus Tea is one of the worst scent I have ever smelled. This Bath & Body Work’s Wallflower is part of an aromatherapy collection embodying “awake” and stress release, but it does not capture that morning tea scent at all. The scent description is “made with Eucalyptus essential oil and tea” so maybe I just hate eucalyptus…

The Scent: Old cologne that got too warm and medicinal eucalyptus. I just cannot stand this scent…it just smells like a mix of aromatherapy oils that went wrong, Not a fan. F

The (bulb) Throw: Of course it is very good. It has a strong throw that fills up my laundry room, completely masks my cat’s litterbox, and even fills up my kitchen and living room. This is a far-throwing Wallflower. A

Overall, I simply just hated Eucalyptus Tea. There is no tea note and that Eucalyptus scent smells off, like bad cologne. Yuck.

-Kari Ann


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