Goose Creek: Cookie Dough Bites

IMG_20170430_090256004.jpgWhen Goose Creek posted their new spring 2017 wax scents, I knew I had to try Cookie Dough Bites. In my experience, chocolate chip-based scents typically go horribly wrong and only smell like artificial chocolate…but would this one get the magic of cookie dough right? well….so close!

The Scent: Cold, I had doubts…but once melted, Cookie Dough Bites has that wonderful buttery-brown sugar scent that reminds you of gooey cookie dough. The chocolate note is slightly more dominant than the cookie dough note and does have a hint of that artificial chocolate note. If that chocolate were just a touch more real…this scent would be perfect! B+

The Throw: I’d place this one at a medium, however, it is a fast-fader that your nose gets used to quickly. It did fill up my living room, but you sort of forget it is melting after an hour or so. But it’s a nice surprise when you do get a scent ‘breeze.’ B-

Overall, I did like Cookie Dough Bites, but I will still search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie scent. This one is close, but that chocolate note still needs a touch of work.

-Kari Ann


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