Goose Creek Car Freshener

IMG_20170506_115430275My husband’s car needed a new car freshener at the same time I made an order from Goose Creek…so I figured why not try Goose Creek’s version of the car jar?

I got the scent Blueberry Limeade since I knew the scent was awesome (sweet blueberry and tart lime), but it was also on sale for 50% off.

The verdict….it’s great so far. About a week in, and the car still has a nice blueberry-lime scent. I am sure the scent will fade out, but it is definitely on par with some of the better scented Yankee Candle car fresheners.

IMG_20170506_115419680I also LOVE that you can hang it or clip it to your vent – that is a cool design!

A downside…the clear plastic turned an ugly shade of light yellow after a few weeks.

Anyway – I’m glad I tried it. I won’t go out of my way just to order replacements online, but if I happen to already be placing an order……why not!

-Kari Ann


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