Goose Creek: Holiday Rum Cake

IMG_20170513_161507546.jpgThe picture on Holiday Rum Cake is what drew me in. That cake looks delicious. Holiday Rum Cake is my Goose Creek wax melt of-the-moment.

The Scent: A caramelized bundt cake. It is just okay. It has a rum-based cake note, but that cake is dry and has no complexity. That sweet caramelized sugar scent is the most dominant. Not bad, just not that great. C+

The Throw: It’s okay; a medium that fades into the background. It creates a warm atmosphere, but does not capture that ‘cake baking’ scent. It’s the type of throw you get used to and forget about. C+

Overall, there is nothing really bad about Holoday Rum Cake…just nothing that makes it special.

-Kari Ann


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