Goose Creek: Vanilla Apple Strudel

IMG_20170507_104744642.jpgI’ve been using tarts lately because I’ve been so busy. But I finally had a nice, relaxing weekend which means I could try the tumbler of Vanilla Apple Strudel I bought from Goose Creek.

The Scent: This one is disappointing. I don’t really smell any apple or buttery crust. It has a faint, almost almond-like note with maybe a dash of vanilla. It is actually quite bland. D

The Throw: Really light, but I actually can’t tell if the throw is bad, or just that there is no scent to this candle! Overall, it is virtually scentless. D-

So, Vanilla Apple Strudel is a dud….it has a slight almond note that has been mixing well with my (soon to be reviewed) holiday cake scent, but other than that…I am not impressed.

-Kari Ann


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