Car Jar: Coconut Caramel Stripes

IMG_20170516_063934186_HDRI needed a car freshener, and I had this car jar from Yankee Candle’s (now retired) Girl Scout line in my stock pile. Coconut Caramel Stripes are my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie, and I have tried it in candle form, so I was excited to try the car freshener version.

It’s….different than what I thought. This car jar smells like maple brown sugar oatmeal. Seriously, it smells like a winter day from my childhood. It smells good, but not what I was expecting! The caramel is super sweet, and more like brown sugar, and there is no coconut or chocolate notes.

As with all car jars, I can tell the scent will only last a few days, but so far it is filling my car with scent. I’m actually really happy with my 6 am choice!

-Kari Ann


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