Simply Home: Moonlit Ocean

IMG_20170517_173859191Moonlit Ocean is from Yankee Candle’s Simply Home line sold at Kohl’s. I always like  to give these ‘ocean’ based scents a try because I love the ocean…but this one just simply had a poor throw.

The Scent: It is a typical “ocean fresh” scent from Yankee Candle, mingling a salt air scent with a dashes of floral and green notes. It also had a hint of coconut, which mellowed the fresh notes a bit. So a unique and more complex ocean scent than previous candles. B

The Throw: The throw was just very light. I barely could smell anything unless I was right next to the tart warmer, and even then it was light. It is too bad, since usually these ocean fresh scents have a strong throw. D-

Overall, the throw was just very weak, making this a forgettable scent. It is too bad since the coconut notes made this a more interesting ocean-based scent, but the lack of throw just kills it.

-Kari Ann


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