Goose Creek: Juicy Pear

juicy pear.jpgI had assumed Goose Creek’s Juicy Pear would be a boring scent – instead, it was a scent that I weirdly hated.

The Scent: Juicy Pear smelled more like an apple and pear inspired perfume scent than a fruit-based scent. It had a weird floral and also musk-like note that I just hated and did not remind me of a fresh pear. It reminded me of a cheap pear-apple body spray. Yes, this scent could have been named juicy apple perfume and I’d not blink an eye. C-

The Throw: The throw is okay, nothing special. It had a light-medium throw that did fill up my living room, but faded quickly. So you only get about an hour of a decent throw. B-

Overall, Juicy Pear was just a strange scent that had a perfume-like note I just could not stand. I assumed I would get a nice and simple pear scent – which I would have loved – but instead got a weird musk. I’ll pass.

-Kari Ann


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