Goose Creek: Bath Time

bath time.jpgBath Time is one of Goose Creek’s new spring 2017 scents. I liked the idea of a nice, aromatic, relaxing scent…but this one is a spring bouquet and nothing like a herbal spa experience.

The Scent: This one is strong with the floral notes. Rose, lily, lilac….it smells like a bouquet of fragrant flowers. If you like floral scents, this is one to try. I had hoped for more of the promised spearmint, eucalyptus, and basil…but there are no green or herbal notes, just floral. Way too much for me. C

The Throw: Medium-strong perfection. This one has a nice and dominant throw that will completely fill up your room, no matter the size, and maybe even linger into the hallway. It is no over-bearing, but definitely has a presence. It also lasts a long time too! A

If you have ever read my reviews on floral-based scents, you may learn that I hate the scent of flowers. I usually give a disclaimer that my grade will be lower my nature since a fruit scent will always be preferred to a floral. But Bath Time was deceiving – it reminds me nothing of a bath and is like being trapped in a flower store. Not for me.

-Kari Ann



  1. I want to like Goose Creek’s wax melts but the last time i tried them, the wax never truly hardened when cooled like, say, YC’s Tarts wax, and i literally had to scoop the spent wax out of the warmer dish with a metal spoon. Way too messy for me 😦 Are you finding the same thing with the GC melts or has their wax changed?

    • That is the one major drawn back to GC – that wax is a nightmare! I have a system where I let the tart cool completely – then warn it up for ~5-10 minutes to slide of the semi-soft wax. It was the major potential to end up a spilled wax disaster.

      Their new scents were just so intriguing!

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