Simply Home: Holiday Multi-Scent

three wax.jpgDuring my trip to Kohl’s about a week ago, I picked up a few holiday scents that were 80% off. This included a three scented medium tumbler from Yankee Candle’s Simply Home Line. I love the look of the multi-scented candles, but they always are pricey – and sometimes I question if the scents will end up blending okay. This multi-pour contained Sparkling Ice, Holiday Punch, and Winter Pine.

The Scents

Sparkling Ice: Well, I have no idea. This one was basically scentless. It had a hint of pine and soap (Like Yankee Candle’s Sparkling Snow), but was just so light. I could smell the red layer through it. F

Holiday Punch: Weirdly wonderful. It smelled like sugared berries. It was sweet and fruity. B+

Winter Pine: Pine mixed equally with a fresh note. B

The Throws

Sparkling Ice: Scentless – no throw. F

Holiday Punch: A medium, once the Sparkling Snow layer stopped diluting it, it was able to fill up my living room. B

Winter Pine: A medium again, but this time, the blend stage between Holiday Punch and Winter Pine was also a medium with an interesting and wonderful berry-pine scent. B+

Overall, this candle was pretty enjoyable. The first layer (Sparkling Snow) was scentless, but Holiday Punch and Winter Pine were nice – and even smelled great when the layers melted into one another. The layers, also to my delight, did not turn into ugly shades of purple when they were blended. Maybe my burn frequency got me lucky here, but it stayed White, Red, and Green for the duration.

-Kari Ann


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